Keynote speeches

Below are some talks I particularly like to give (a version for managers is available for each topic):

– Improved performance through meaning and wellbeing
– Developing compassion and demanding performance
– Daily practices to ground oneself and cultivate inspiration and innovation

Each conference combines:

– scientific data, taken from the neurosciences and positive psychology in particular, because facts matter;
– real-life stories coming from a pool of hundreds of leaders I have worked with in the past ten years and from my own experience as an entrepreneur;
– if possible, one or two rounds of practice;

Please contact me to discuss other topics that you’d like to offer to your teams.

In a spirit of consistency and fairness, I have decided to donate 20% of the invoiced amounts to Solidarites International. Solidarites International is a humanitarian NGO, involved in conflict and natural disasters areas to provide for the basic needs of the affected people: food, water and shelter. Each conference thus helps people in need all over the world.

Discover my keynote speech during Futur en Seine conference (12 June 2015), on « Mindfulness and Digital Detox » (20 minutes):